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At the francedrivingtest.com website, we offer simulator practice tests that aim to prepare driving license aspirants to pass the Code exam successfully.

France has a strict driver’s licensing procedure for all first-time and teen drivers. In order to get a driving license, all candidates must pass a theory test (The Code or ETG) and a practical driving exam.

Code de la route, short for “le code,” is a common general theory test in France, also called ETG (“épreuve théorique générale”). This is an online written knowledge test consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions.

Each question can have one or more correct answers and requires 35 out of 40 questions to be answered correctly for the candidates to pass. The test duration is only 30 minutes. Candidates must finish 40 questions within the constricted time.

We Provide Code Test Preparation to Help You Pass

On the “France Driving Test” website, we offer free and paid practice tests that are designed the same as the official code or ETG test. The purpose behind our practice tests is to allow the applicants to learn French traffic laws, road rules and regulations, safe driving practices, and more.

The France driving test practice tests on our platform deliver comprehensive learning to all the code test takers. With our effective practice test sessions, improve your knowledge of French driving laws, road and traffic signs, hazard management control, and more.

We also provide handy flashcards that enable the learners to memorize the road signs and various other handbook topics faster than usual. With mock tests, you get a chance to practice many times and keep evaluating and improving your score for better results.

What Do We Offer – Benefits of Our Practice Tests

Find one-of-a-kind practice tests for French code test preparation on our website and get ready to ace the test by mastering the road signs and traffic laws.

Practice Tests Resembling the Code Test

We want our website users to be familiar with the code test structure, type of questions, pattern, etc. before they appear for the official test. The French theory practice tests available on our platform are designed to follow the same pattern to provide a realistic environment for the test takers.

Category-Wise Practice

All our practice tests are available for three vehicle categories: cars, bikes, and trucks. Choose your vehicle and start practicing mock tests specific to your vehicle category. The tests can be taken multiple times, therefore, keep practicing each test until you master all the questions.

Learn Faster with Topic-Wise Flashcards

With our premium practice tests, the students get access to a wide range of topic-wise flashcards associated with driving concepts and the previous code test questions. This helps you learn the road signs in an easier and faster way.

Pass-Guaranteed with Premium

Upgrade to our premium French code practice test session for better learning outcomes. We prepare you for the exam efficiently by providing advanced learning techniques to enhance your written knowledge test score. Unlock the core concepts of the driver’s handbook, get ad-free learning, detailed explanations, and more to pass the code test on your first attempt.

Free vs. Premium French Code Practice Test Plans

Upgrade to our premium practice tests to unlock all practice test sessions, topic-wise flashcards, and more.

France Code Test Free Practice Tests

  • Access to the first few practice tests only
  • Covers basics of road signs and traffic laws
  • Based on the updated handbook syllabus
  • Instant Feedback 
  • Text and Image-based questions
  • No Adblocker
  • No Dashboard Access 
  • No Topic-wise Flashcards
  • No explanations

France Code Test Premium Practice Tests

  • Unlock all practice tests 
  • Deeper learning covering all topics
  • Based on the updated handbook syllabus
  • Instant Feedback 
  • Text and Image-based questions 
  • Ad-Free Practice Tests
  • Exclusive Dashboard Access
  • Topic-wise flashcards for preparation
  • Detailed Explanations