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Driving Theory Test in French

A French Driving License is an official permit for all EU members to drive the roads. To get a driver’s license in France, you must begin by mastering the Driving Theory Test in French. This Driving Theory examination includes driving knowledge on the rules of the road, traffic signs, and driving practices which lasts for 30 minutes in the French language.

So, if you are not fluent in French then this driving theory test in French can be challenging but if you have practiced a lot, it can be possible for you to take the France driving test with the help of a translator. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn all about the Driving License in France and how to crack the Driving Theory Test in French.

Steps to Get a Driving License in France

Driving License in France is an official document that allows the members to legally drive within France Country. To get the French driving license you must fulfill all the eligibility requirements and follow the below steps,

  • Matching questions: Questions related to matching situations to appropriate actions.
  • Study for Theory Test – Start to prepare yourself early for your theory test with the driving manuals and study guides which are available on official websites.
  • Register for NEPH Number – You must fill the application form with the required documents to get the registration number (NEPH) which is your application number.
  • Schedule Theory Test Date – After getting your NEPH number, you must schedule and take the written Driving Theory test in French. This test result is sent to mail within 48 hours after attempting the test or at earliest.
  • Reattempt the Exam – If you fail the exam, you can pay the theory test fee and reattempt it without any delay.
  • Take Training – After passing the French Driving Theory test, you must enroll in a driving school to schedule and practise for the driving test.
  • Schedule the Date for the Driving Test – You need to schedule an appointment for your driving test and complete it on the designated date.
  • Collect your Driving License – Once you pass the driving test, you must request your French driver’s license at ANTS, and you will receive it by teleservice. Track your driver’s license by providing your phone number. The license is valid upto 15 years depending on your age, vehicle category and medical record.


Eligibility for Taking the Driving Theory Test in France

There are different guidelines for the members in France who are eligible to take the France driving test such as,

Category 1: Motor vehicles
  • The eligibility for AM-Motor vehicle is 15 years.
  • The eligibility for permit A1- light Motor vehicle License is 16 years.
  • The eligibility for permit A2- Intermediate power motorcycle is 18 years.
  • The eligibility for permit A- Heavy Motorcycle license is 20 years.
Category 2: Personal Cars
    • The eligibility for permit B – car or van is 16 years.
    • The eligibility for permit B1 – heavy motorized quadricycle is 21 years.
    • The eligibility for permit BE – Car or Trailer over 750 kg is 20 years.
    • </ul >

Category 3: Small trucks or Heavy Goods Vehicle
      • The eligibility for permit C1 is 18 years.
      • The eligibility for permit C1E is 18 years.
      • The eligibility for permit C is 21 years.
      • The eligibility for permit CE is 21 years.
Category 4: D –Big vehicles (Carrying 8-16 passengers)
    • The eligibility for permit D is 24 years.
    • The eligibility for permit D1 is 21 years.
    • The eligibility for permit D1E is 21 years.
Type Of Test

About The France Driving Test

The France driving test comprises of two components, the Driving Theory Test in French and Practical examination.

1. Driving Theory Test in French: The Driving Theory exam is a computerized exam that contains 40 multiple-choice questions where you at least need 35 right answers to score and pass the written test within 30 mins. The passing percentage of France driving license test is 87.3%.

2. Practical Exam: The practical test lasts for 32 minutes. This test includes 2 different maneuvers by giving answers related to road safety and rules. While taking this test you must obtain 20 points or more, out of 30 points to qualify.

Questions Expected in the Driving Test in France

The France driving test is taken by the French administration to ensure that the drivers are responsible. The questions covered under the Driving Theory Test in French are:

  • 1. Topics related to road safety and vehicle aid.
  • 2. Identify technical faults in vehicles.
  • 3. Mastery of handling the vehicle.
  • 4. Understand the road signs and symbols with their meaning.
  • 5. Bicycle and pedestrian signs.
  • 6. Lanes, intersections, and turns.
  • 7. Speed limit in different zones.
  • 8. Seat belt, headlight, weight limit related information and more which is available in driver’s handbook.
Mock Theory Test

Steps After the Driving Theory Test in France

Once you successfully pass the Driving Theory Test in French you must follow the below steps,

1. To take the practical driving test, you must drive for 20-25 hours at driving school or with a Licensed certified trainer before attempting the driving test.

2. Ensure you are well-versed with the driving techniques and schedule the date online for your practical driving test.

3. At the practical test, drive as per the instructions provided by instructor and answer the questions asked while driving and must take the eye test at licensed optician.

4. Once you have taken the driving test, wait for the result. The result will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

5. If you passed the exam, then request for the driving certificate and license by uploading your details with necessary documents.

6. If you fail the exam, then you can reattempt the exam within 5 years to get your driving license.

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